Skyview Community Church

About the Campaign

In order to provide a building for worship, ministry and community presence, Skyview Community Church is in a capital campaign to raise sufficient funds to build a church building. But this campaign is far more than that; it is an opportunity for us to join with God in building what He would have us build – a church family committed to ministry, family, sacrifice, generosity and the declaration of truth. It is an opportunity to be generous followers of the Lord Jesus; to sacrifice a  bit and prove His promise to provide and bless our faithfulness to Him.

Our campaign will provide opportunity for our entire church family to be involved; children, young people, university students, couples, parents and grandparents. Our goal will be to provide opportunity not for equal gifts, but equal sacrifice – so we can all prove God faithful, and show that He will, in fact, pour out His blessing on us as we fulfill His will.

Would you pray with me that God would speak to all of us about our involvement and the part He would have us play in building a home for Skyview. These are exciting days; what I am most enthusiastic about is the sense that He is directing us and will be with us, and, in the fullness of His time, His people – you and me – are willing to respond as He leads us. I suppose it is about time; but perhaps it is, in fact, the perfect time, to move forward together to see this great opportunity fulfilled. We can do it together.

Dr. Riley Coulter, Skyview Home Chair

The Logo

What do you think of the logo/theme that has been developed for our Skyview Home Building Campaign? If you look closely, you’ll see a couple of things:

  • the home in the orange square could also be interpreted as an arrow pointing heavenward. Not only is this a forward move for our church to get this building campaign underway, it’s important to remember that the motivation behind this campaign is to point people to the Lord and His leading in their lives.
  • the home is also open. Our goal is to create an open and welcoming home for our friends and the community in which we will serve
  • you may notice that the colours correspond with the colours in our church logo, but our actual logo is not incorporated into this logo. Skyview will not defined by this building or building campaign; rather a new church building will be a very significant extension of the ministry of this church, and will provide greater ministry opportunities in the future.