Skyview Community Church

Skyview Home Pledge Update

On Sunday morning, June 1, I had the opportunity to share the following update with the Skyview congregation:

"I want to thank you for your generous response to this initiative; together we sought God’s leading and direction as we responded over this past month – many of us at the Banquet earlier in May, and some following.

I do believe that as we are faithful to God’s leading as a congregation, and as individuals within the congregation, He will provide for our need and honour and increase our obedience. He asks us to do our part, and He will do His. What that means to me is that over the next three years, He will use what we give, but also add to this from the most unexpected places, to provide for this building project.    

The pledge card we filled out said “With God’s help, I make the following commitment to support the SkyviewHome Capital Campaign.” Here is a summary of what has happened to date:

  • 75 pledges – I wonder how many of these are children and young people? One of the inspirational moments at the Commitment Banquet was watching as several of our children and young people placed their commitments into the box
  • A total of $441,490 was pledged over three yearsmost of us pledging monthly or yearly amounts
  • Monies received prior to the Banquet and at the Banquet: $36,102
  • For a total of $477,592 – we are well on our way to meeting our goal, and I am confident of God’s provision

Now is it my responsibility to encourage you to be faithful to the pledge you have made; and to suggest that we give generously as God provides for us. Thank you, again, for your response to this significant challenge. May God provide His blessing and grace as we, together, fulfil his purposes.