Skyview Community Church

Property Update - December 2014

On Monday, December 15 the board received a report and presentation from the property committee regarding potential next steps with three steel structure companies. We continue to be impressed and thankful for the property committee’s tireless and faithful work on this front. Based on the property committee’s presentation and report, the board moved and passed that the property committee commence immediately a three month design process with Ironwood Building Systems ( A few points to highlight:

  • Among other reasons, relative to other companies Ironwood is an attractive company to work with because: (a) They are local, have local material suppliers, and have built many steel structure buildings in/for the Calgary climate; (b) They have experience building steel structure churches; (c) They can utilize our design/drawings from the IBI feasibility study to shape our space configurations, needs (etc.) in this steel structure design and building project; (d) Affordability and quality craftsmanship, including many affordable and aesthetically appealing options to “warm” up the interior/exterior so that it does not look/feel like a steel structure; (e) Good company to work with to this point, who listens well to our needs and desires; (f) Timely design-build-delivery process.
  • The board will host an information session with the Skyview Church community sometime in January to provide additional details, and to field any questions and feedback that some may have at this point in time. Further, at the completion of the design phase with Ironwood – around the end of March – the property committee and board will host another information session with the Skyview Church community to solicit questions and feedback.
  • Some of the board members will meet with the property committee and Ironwood sometime in January as part of the design process.
  • If a decision is formally made to proceed to build a steel structure with Ironwood, here is an approximate “best case” set of timelines … mindful that many variables factor into this: Design (3 months), Development permits with the city (6 months … could be shorter/longer), and Building (8-10 months). At this point it is difficult to project with too much certainty when actual occupancy could occur, pending landscaping, parking lot paving, and occupancy permits. But as we proceed further into the project, clarity will emerge on this front.

As a board we are genuinely encouraged by the progress and direction that the property committee is giving, and are cautiously optimistic about the potential for this steel structure possibility with Ironwood. We continue to ask for continued prayer and discernment as a faith community as we seek God’s leading in this next phase, confident that God is and will continue to work in our midst. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the board.