Skyview Community Church

RSVP for upcoming Celebration Banquet

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the upcoming Skyview Home Celebration Banquet being held at Calgary First Church on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 5:00 pm. Click on link at right to RSVP.

Our Building Project is a Go!

Skyview Community:

Thank you to those who voted regarding our building possibilities in Harvest Hills. 92 votes were cast in total, including 66 from members and 26 from non-members. In total, 98% voted ‘yes’ and 2% noted ‘no’. Among members, the breakdown was 99% ‘yes’ and 1% ‘no.’ Among non-members the breakdown was 96% ‘yes’ and 4% ‘no.’ We have great reason to give God thanks for continuing to guide us in this process; this moment of clarity and definitiveness in our church’s life and history is one that many have patiently awaited! We eagerly anticipate the ways that God will continue to work in and through the people at Skyview. This vote means that we are formally entering into a contract with Ironwood to build on our Harvest Hills property. Many details throughout the project are yet to unfold and we commit to keeping this community informed, and to receive your feedback throughout.

 Joel Thiessen (2014-2015 Board Secretary)