Skyview Community Church

Property Committee Update - February 14, 2016

On February 14, 2016, Property Committee Chair, Hubert Howe presented the following update regarding the status of the Skyview Home Building plans.

There are three streams of work happening simultaneously:

Development Permit Application

  • Application to the city made in early June 2015
  • Process included submission of plans, an initial review by the city and our response to the changes the city required. Changes to landscaping and parking were the main issues.
  • We managed to meet all requirements by making minor changes to the design.
  • Water Resources notified us that we did not meet storm water management requirements. After completing the civil design, the city informed us that the storm water release rates were substantially lower than the original figures provided to us. Changes to the provincial regulations had reduced the release rates from 70 l/s/ha to 2.73 l/s/ha.
  • In order to meet the storm water management requirements, we did a major rework of the site including moving the building north on the lot, changing the landscaping on the south side, adding retaining walls and developing a water retention pond complete with water release structure. The new retaining wall along the storm water pond will provide a usable green space between the walk-out basement and the storm water pond.
  • The City accepted the revised storm water design and new green space and issued the development permit on February 12th.
  • This decision will be advertised in the Calgary Herald on February 25th and this will be start a 14-day appeal period during which this decision may be appealed.
  • With the Development permit in hand Ironwood needs to complete the detailed design of the building and the parking lot. We will make application for the building permit once the design meets our satisfaction.
  • Depending on the weather conditions over the remainder of the winter we should be in a position to start ground work as early in the spring.
  • Next steps include sitting down with Ironwood to finalize the building permit application as we will need to finalize the design of the building including interior layout, finishes, as well as site design which includes the parking lot, landscaping, and the storm water management infrastructure.
  • We will also be getting construction costs from Ironwood and we will start the process of tendering for the various site works.

Property Subdivision

  • The subdivision process was started in February of 2015 when Element Surveys was contracted to do the topographic survey for the development permit and to set the boundary for the subdivided lot.
  • Once we had agreed on the placement of the boundary which segregates 1.5 acres, Element submitted the application for subdivision to the City.
  • The city required a mutual access easement which is an easement on the new lot which would allow us to access the lot we will be developing by crossing the new lot. This was necessary because we did not have an access established for the new lot. The new access is part of the development permit.
  • We were then told we needed to have an overland drainage easement on the new lot which would allow the storm water from our developed lot to cross some part of the new lot. This work became entangled with the development permit storm water management and with the approval of the DP is now being amended to reflect the correct easement right-of-way width.
  • The final plan for the subdivision was drawn up on February 10th and the revised documentation will be submitted to Land Titles for final registration on February 16th. It is estimated to take 2 weeks for Land Titles to complete this process.
  • This will complete the subdivision process.

 Sale of the Subdivided Lot

  • As reported last time, the Land Sale Subcommittee has selected a purchaser and we have received a $100,000 deposit on the subdivided lot.
  • The vendor has been very patient in waiting so long for us to get the subdivision completed.
  • Henry has been in regular contact with the vendors to keep them apprised of the situation and as soon as we have the subdivision complete Henry will begin the process of completing the transaction.