Skyview Community Church

December 10 Update

On December 10, Skyview Home Building Campaign Chair, Dr. Riley Coulter, shared this encouraging update with the Skyview congregation:

This morning I want to bring an update on our Skyview Home Building Campaign, a 5 year / 60 month initiative to raise $750,000 for our new church building.  With the building well on its way – foundation laid, water/sewer/drainage installed, outer walls built, roof on, both basement and main floors poured, windows installed, front doors in, main floor walls framed, main floor plumbing complete, HVAC installed, electrical installed, some exterior siding up, platform being built, and the majority of the site grading has been completed – including the storm water management swale[!] – with all this work completed, it is time to take stock of our progress on this project.

Let me remind you of what God has provided for this building program:

  • 2 acres of debt-free land in the heart of Country Hills;
  • cash resources given by previous generations of Nazarene Christians interested in building a new church building;
  • further cash resources from operating surpluses accumulated over several years;
  • the will of a current congregation to sacrificially give over-and-above their regular tithes to see the completion of this project;
  • the willingness of others, including our district leadership, to donate to the cause and draw alongside us with favourable loans;
  • the expert leadership shown by a team of people to design the new church building and engage a suitable builder;
  • a Pastor who leads us by example and challenge to be all God would have us be in the 21st century;
  • the opportunity to prove our God faithful in providing for our future.

When we initiated SKYVIEW HOME in May of 2014, we established a theme for the Campaign, Not Equal Gifts, But Equal Sacrifice.  We set our goal – the difference between what we had in hand from all the sources just noted, and what we needed to complete the project and carry a manageable mortgage – at $750,000.  Over five years, this would mean donations of $12,500 per month over-and-above our regular support of Skyview; we invited each other to consider sacrificial gifts to address this need. 

At the end of November, month 43, we should be at $537,500 – and we have received $528,460… OH, SO CLOSE!!! Two things I would like to say today:

  • THANK YOU for your generosity in continuing to support the building of our new church home. You have continued to support Skyview ministries with your tithes and offerings, while fulfilling pledges in support of the Skyview Home Capital Campaign.  Generosity is, indeed, one of the true evidences of God’s activity in our lives in a culture of self-indulgence and self-serving.  In a sermon in May, I suggested that generosity is the “flow” of the Lord Jesus Christ through our lives; His Spirit expressing His Presence.  As we give ourselves over to Him, He graces our lives with opportunities to share His presence and lordship and grace – in a world that desperately needs to come to know Him.  And this sometimes involves our money.  This is our time, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity and sacrifice as a congregation… for such a time as this!
  • That being said, if you are able to give a year-end donation this month to the building of this new building, it would be a significant contribution to the completion of our project. Perhaps God is nudging you to give a one-time gift of $10,000 that would bring us up to date in our campaign; or a donation that would set us far ahead toward our goal.  Perhaps an amount that you feel would honour God – at this time, in this circumstance, facing this challenge, to respond to this need, in partnership with these

Again, the congregation who make Skyview our church home thank you for your continued generous support of Skyview Church. Have a blessed and joyful Christmas, and a prosperous and healthy new year.  God bless you.