Skyview Community Church

Property and Skyview Home Update - February 26 2017

On behalf of the Skyview Home Building Committee, I bring you a report on the progress of our new building and also an update on our Skyview Home Building Campaign.  You may remember that I brought an update in late November; this is a continuation of that report.

I understand that the chair of the Building Committee, Hubert Howe, shared with you that we finally received our building permit from the City of Calgary a couple weeks ago. This is long-awaited - and very wonderful - news.

Our building contractor, Ironwood is working on the final pricing based on the revised “Issued for Construction” drawings. Once that is received, the property committee will be meeting with Ironwood to discuss the contract which will include the work and payment scheduling. Once they have the contract at the point where they are comfortable signing it they will submit it to the Board for final approval.

So now that we we are almost ready to give the green light to start the building project, we need to ensure we have the necessary funding in place to make it happen.

If you have followed along over these past few years, you know that our land is paid for – a tribute to the faithful giving of previous congregations - but the building project will cost approximately $3.65M. The $3.65M is coming from a variety of sources:  initial savings and building campaigns, a donation from our district church office, sale of an acre of land, and $750,000 from the SKYVIEW HOME BUILDING campaign.  Allow me to bring an update on that campaign.

When we initiated SKYVIEW HOME in May of 2014, we set our goal at $750,000 – the amount we needed to complete the project.  And we set a goal to raise those funds three years – about the time we thought it would take us to have completed our building.  Was it ambitious for a congregation of our size and demographic? For sure. Let me say parenthetically that I have believed – and continue to believe – that God may honour our commitment to reach our goal, by April 30 of this year.  He is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. But we are wise to make contingency plans in the meantime.

Here’s the thing about church capital campaigns. When a not-for-profit institution embarks on a campaign to raise monies for building, they are able to draw on a variety of sources.  I chair the board of a Nazarene Compassionate Mission in downtown Winnipeg (similar to Calgary’s Mustard Seed), with an $8M yearly budget, where we recently began a $17M capital campaign, and received cash and pledges of $7.4M in the first month!  Support for these institutions comes from a variety of sources, including people with very deep pockets!

However, in a church capital campaign, especially when the church is smaller, rather than mega-size [like First Alliance or Center Street], the campaign is fulfilled typically by the congregants, most of whom are like you and me – great hearts and commitment, but not necessarily deep pockets.  So time is a friend – as are regular weekly or monthly donations.  And “industry standard” for these campaigns is that you can expect to raise 50% of your current income – over and above - in the capital campaign.  Three years ago our annual income was approximately $280K; we should have expected to raise $140K per year for the SKYVIEW HOME campaign. 

So… my report to you is very positive:  over the past three years we have raised $450K [by April 30] – even better than the expectation for a congregation our size!  Praise the Lord!!  This is great news, and a tribute to the sacrificial commitment of you, the congregation of Skyview Church!  As I say to our grandson, GOOD JOB!!  There will come a day, in the not-too-distant future, when we will look back to these days with righteous pride for the generosity of God’s people during these days. 

However, we have not met our goal of $750K, needed to complete the financing for the building project.  As a result, the SKYVIEW HOME committee recommended to the church board that we extend the SKYVIEW HOME campaign for two more years, to provide opportunity for us all to participate – perhaps to continue the pledge we made three years ago, or to make a new pledge, or fulfil the pledge we have already made in the next 24 months.  The board unanimously supported this initiative.

On April 2 I will bring another update, and show you what this campaign will look like for the next two years.  We need to raise the additional $300K within the next two years.  And in early April we may be close to digging the foundation for our new church building.  In the meantime, could I ask you to begin to pray – and consider – what your part in this extension might be?  For Karen and me, because of my retirement in June, this is a different challenge than it was three years ago.  At that time we made a three-year pledge that we fulfilled in two, because of “cash flow” issues.  But we will do our part in this new challenge.  It is time to bring this to completion.

I love great challenges, and I enjoy working with dedicated and committed followers of God who are willing to sacrifice to provide a place for worship, fellowship, the declaration of truth.